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Your Loyalty

The Marketing System that does it All for Smoke Shops

LevelUP! Your Loyalty

The Marketing System that does it All for You!

Why Use LevelUP! Loyalty?

How IT Works

Point System

  1. Customer makes a purchase

  2. Enter phone number

  3. System calculates points based on amount spent

Digital Punch Card

  1. Customers makes a purchase

  2. Enters phone number

  3. System tallies a Digital Punch for the purchase made

Get customers into your store with a powerful unique marketing program

What Business Can Benefit?

Loyalty programs can be a valuable asset for a wide range of businesses, helping to foster customer retention, increase sales, and enhance brand loyalty. Here's a list of various types of businesses that can benefit from implementing a loyalty program:

  • Retail Stores: Offering rewards or discounts to frequent shoppers can boost sales and encourage repeat visits.

  • Restaurants: Loyalty programs can entice diners to return, try new dishes, and refer friends, all while earning rewards.

  • Coffee/Donut Shops: Punch cards can reward coffee enthusiasts with free drinks or discounts after a set number of purchases.

  • Beauty Salons and Spas: Points-based programs can motivate clients to book more appointments and try various services.

  • Smoke Shops: Points-based programs can motivate customers to return in industry with high competition.

  • Auto Repair Shops: Offering discounts, free inspections, or priority service can keep customers coming back for maintenance and repairs

  • Pet Stores: Loyalty programs can provide discounts on pet supplies and grooming services for pet owners.

  • and many more…

In essence, any business that values customer loyalty and aims to incentivize repeat purchases or engagement can benefit from a well-designed loyalty program tailored to their specific industry and customer base.

Get customers into your store with a powerful unique marketing program

Customize Your Loyalty Program

Make your customers happy with simple, custom, digital automation.

Build Your Customer List

Add all customers to your database and know who is buying from you.

Communicate with Automation

Boost revenue by systematically reaching customers in a timely manner the exact time they need to be reached.


Grow with Us

Using LevelUP! Loyalty program, you can customize offers for new and returning customers, set up a digital rewards program, and automatically send messages. Typically, returning customers will visit at least 2 more times per year.

Boost Your Numbers

To understand the importance of repeat customers let’s look at what retention rate means. What is retention rate?

Client retention rate is the percentage of customers kept.

How to calculate customer retention rate?

1. Notice how many of your clients have returned to buy from you a second time

2. Divide that number by the total number of clients your business has had

3. Multiply the result by 100

Congratulations – you have your repeat purchase ratio. This is how many clients out of every 100 you can expect to come back for another purchase.

4. Adding the LevelUP! Loyalty Program will get customers to return

Studies say..

  • 75% of customers say they favor companies that offer rewards.

  • 5% boost in customer retention increases profits with 25% to 95%

  • 65% of a company’s business comes from previous customers

We'll Set Up your LevelUP! loyalty program and the system will do the work for you

With complete systematic automation, we'll keep track and communicate with your customers for you.

Our Services

Customize your marketing program

Marketing Automation

Systematically send the Right message to the Right customer at the Right time

Loyalty & Retention

65% of a company’s business comes from previous customers.

Unlimited Promotions

Systematically send specials to customers for special events

Reputation Management

Shop Magazine found that 95% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase, and 80% of customers say that online reviews influence their decision to visit a shop.

No Website?

No Problem.

Custom webpage to offer important information about your business and build your reputation with Google Reviews.


Why do I need LevelUP! Loyalty program?

LevelUP! Loyalty programs help you identify your most loyal customers, focus your marketing efforts on them and increase their lifetime value. Most importantly, a loyalty program shows your customers that you value them as individuals, rather than just another number.

What are the benefits of a LevelUP! Loyalty program?

LevelUP! Loyalty Program give customers a reason to return to your store. It encourages customers to spend over a long period of time. If they’re trying to acquire points or redeem an offer, they will be more likely to increase their basket size to meet the requirement. And, once they have earned points, they’re incentivized to return to your store and spend them long into the future.

How much time does it take to run LevelUP! Loyalty program?

We'll guide you through the simple set up. Once it's set up,  your loyalty program will maintain itself. You may need to put in a little time further down the line to adjust your points balance or the actions your customers take to earn points, but this will be quick and easy to review and change.

Is my store big enough for LevelUP! Loyalty program?

No matter the store size, customer retention is key. You could be losing out on valuable customers who want to join. Also, the sooner you implement your loyalty program, the sooner you’ll get your employees on board and sharing out rewards.

Do LevelUP! Loyalty program members spend more?

In our experience, they do. If you offer points for spending, customers are more likely to increase their purchase size to make the point threshold. Then, if they continue to engage with your loyalty program, they’ll accumulate points that they will use on purchases further down the line. This increases their lifetime value and the amount they’ll spend with you long-term.


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