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SMARTReview with a Tap

Level Up your online reputation with the easy use of NFC technology. Customers can leave a Review with one tap! It's simple, fast and effortless.

4 Easy, Effortless Steps

  1. Customer Taps SMART Stand with Smart Phone

  2. Tap Google Notification

  3. Google Review Opens on their phone

  4. Customer Rates and gives Review


Free 6 Page Ebook with every purchase

"Boosting Your Business's Online Impact: A Guide to Google Reviews, Google My Business, SMARTReview, and Customer Engagement"


Free 6 Page eBook with every purchase

"Boosting Your Business's Online Impact: A Guide to Google Reviews, Google My Business, SMARTReview, and Customer Engagement"

Advantages of SMARTReview

  • Convenience: Customers leave a Review with one tap. It's simple, fast & effortless.

  • Increased Reviews: Prompt more customers to leave reviews because of their simplicity.

  • Improved Visibility: Google reviews can enhance your business's online presence and visibility. Having a higher number of positive reviews can help your business rank higher in local search results, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

  • Authenticity: Having a physical object placed in your establishment, provides a tangible and trustworthy way for customers to access the review page. This can increase the likelihood that customers will follow through with leaving a review.

  • Competitive Advantage: Having a higher number of positive Google reviews can give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your area. Potential customers often use reviews to make purchasing decisions.

  • Compatible: It works with iOS and Android.

Is your business in the service industry?

Why Choose Our SMARTCard?

Effortless Reviews: With just a tap, your customers can leave a review directly on Google. No more typing out web addresses or searching for your business online.

Increase Visibility: More reviews boost your Google ranking, making your business the first choice for new customers.

Real Feedback in Real-Time: Receive immediate feedback on your services, allowing you to respond and improve swiftly.

Seamless Integration: Our SMARTCards easily integrate into your service workflow, whether you're a restaurant, a salon, or a mobile service provider.

How It Works

  • Complete the Job with another satisfied customer

  • Customer Taps the SMARTCard

  • Customer completes a review for your company

Don't let another satisfied customer leave without sharing their experience. Make it easy for them, and beneficial for your business. Get started with our SMARTCards today and turn happy customers into your biggest advocates!

Top 12 Reasons

Why Google Reviews are Great for Your Business

  1. In today's digital age, consumers have significant influence on a brand's reputation through online reviews.

  2. Online reviews have a substantial impact on the success or failure of small and medium businesses.

  3. Mobile devices have expanded e-commerce opportunities, allowing consumers to shop from anywhere.

  4. Online review platforms like Google, help attract customers actively looking to spend money.

  5. Positive online reviews are the new word-of-mouth and are crucial for businesses to be discovered.

  6. Maintaining high-star ratings on review sites can significantly impact customer acquisition.

  7. Google provides businesses with control over their ratings by encouraging reviews and allowing interactions with customers.

  8. Leaning into online reviews can be a primary marketing strategy for small businesses.

  9. Positive dialogue with customers through online reviews can build trust and turn them into paying customers.

  10. 96% of consumers access Google profiles within a week before making a purchasing decision. 74% of customers trust businesses that have more Google reviews..

  11. 86% of consumers use Google when searching for local information

  12. An average local business receives 1,260 views a month on Google which positive reviews a must

See Some Results*

*Exact Results are not predictable. We Guarantee at least a 20% increase in your first 30 days or your money back. See Guarantee Details

*Exact Results are not predictable. We Guarantee at least a 20% increase in your first 30 days or your money back. See Guarantee Details

SMARTResponse can multiply your SMARTReview Results! These products can work well separate from one another but, they are EXCEPTIONAL together!


Is there a limit to how many times it can be used?

No. Your business can get an unlimited amount of Reviews.

What's the set up time?

In store set up is only about 5 minutes. If delivered via mail, the SMARTReview Card will arrive ready to use.

Do customers need a Google account?

Google requires anyone wanting to leave a review on the Google platform to have a valid Google account. Keep in mind, Google has more than 18 popular services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Meet, etc. Almost 95% of smartphone users use Google Services.

Is this a secure process?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology itself is generally considered secure for its intended purposes. NFC has a very short operating range (typically a few centimeters), which makes it difficult for unauthorized users to intercept data without physically getting very close to the device. This short range provides a level of inherent security.

Do I need a subscription?

No. The SMARTReview is a one time purchase that allows an unlimited number of Google Reviews.

Are the reviews public or private?

The reviews are seen as public once Google has verified the review.

Does the stand use batteries?

No. The stand uses NFC technology similar to Apple Pay and can used an unlimited amount of times.

Disclaimer: SMARTReview is not affiliated with Google. SMARTReview simply provides an easy way, using NFC technology, to get to the Google platform to give a customer review.



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